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healing waters ~ vibrational medicine

Browse our shop and find your unique bottle with the most healing resonance to immerse yourself in. The water remedies of Riverland Rose Alchemy contain information (formless particles) that endlessly resonate in spring water. The information originates from plants, stones, places, events, concepts, thoughts, feelings, or other formless aspects in All that is. When you take a drop of healing water, the information will move through the water in your body. This will influence all layers of your body in the seen and unseen. Every bottle has a unique healing effect. Some healing waters soothe the emotional body and feel like a sweet dream of softness; others are specifically made to dissolve trauma or move out limiting energies. When the more subtle bodies align harmoniously, the physical body will be able to mirror this. 

Flow into a state of well-being, drop by drop by drop.  

Healing waters (themes)

Start your vibrational medicine apothecary with these potent foundational healing waters. For easy picking, we have created eight healing waters to help you get started. 

Stone essences

Flower essences

Higher alchemy healing waters

custom healing waters

We create unique essences that you won't find anywhere else. These waters are not a mix of ready-made essences but are potent and very specific healing waters that are consciously programmed at your request and for your specific purpose. Play and balance with these one-of-a-kinds, custom-made water remedies and discover a new level of support and healing, with every resonant drop. 

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