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Blue calcite essence - Soothe and solidify healing water
  • Soothe - Solidify - Embrace earthly life


    Pointers to the moving characteristics of this essence:

    ~ calms overwhelm ~ cools heat ~  increases embodiment ~ gives structure and definition to formless aspects ~ opens up to earthly influences ~ feel joy for the physical realm ~ soothes hyperactivity ~ increases stability in shifting environments ~ pulls into form ~ solidifies the formless reality ~ stabilizes continuously shifting sense of self ~ optimizes balance flexibility-rigidness. 


    My uncle found this blue calcite in the most southern part of the Netherlands and gave it to my father decades ago. My father gifted me the stone just before a new moon in February. I am still amazed by the strength of the luminosity of this cold water rock, as they call this stone in Daoist Stone Medicine.

    The message from this blue calcite is: 

    "Let me calm, soothe, and give definition to your being. I love deep-diving into this watery earthly realm, and this quality will balance out superfluous fire and wind. I’ll show you how to adore and solidify your human sense of self. Strongly radiating your personal essence from your core on out will help you move around in different surroundings effortlessly. This solid center will help you feel safe to open up more to the ever-changing flow of life on earth. You will know when to adapt and when to stand your ground unwaveringly and demonstrate yourself in your own light."



    This essence is perfect for balancing out highly crystalline essences. Adding a drop to a healing water (or an essence bottle of your own) bottle with a very crystalline imprint (such as the holy spirit healing water) will pull the total effect more into the physical realms.

    Blue calcite essence - Soothe and solidify healing water

    € 14,41Price
    • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart).


      This healing water has been made on a snowy winter night under a New Moon in Aquarius in the Dutch river landscape.


      Ingredients bottled healing water:
      Essence of blue calcite (stone spirit), 60% spring water, 40% apple Calvados (40%).

    • Take one drop in a glass of water and drink before going to sleep at night, or take as your inner knowing guides you. 

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