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sunset Steenwaard grasses
Elise Koolmees

Riverland Rose Alchemy

Riverland Rose Alchemy provides reconnect sessions, water remedies, elemental astrology consultations, and intuitive guidance that brings you back into harmonic resonance with the original flow of life. The alchemical offerings help you remember how it feels to join the heartbeat of all things. To once again, courageously jump into the spinning particles that flow effortlessly and everlasting in vast emptiness.

No push, no edges…just following the love that comes out of your heart.

The healing waters are created in the river landscape in the Netherlands. A country where water flows endlessly through rivers and wetlands into estuaries and seas. The banks of the rivers are abundant in beautiful hawthorn trees, rose bushes, and other flora that is adapted to being periodically overflown by water.



In 2013, I experienced a profound shift in consciousness that woke me up to the formless realms and instilled a deep knowing of the interconnected divine essence that flows through all. I became a dedicated messenger and explorer of the sentient world around us. As you are, I am a unique spark of consciousness, but in the depth of our being, we are connected as One. 

On a quest to find balance, I immersed myself in stone medicine, herbalism, energy work, astrology, and intuitive tools. Although I learned a lot, I did not find the level of well-being I longed for. In a profound moment of surrender, I turned to the formless realms and slowly found enough courage to follow the soft nudges that came to me. Following the inner guidance, I discovered how to create a very pure and subtle form of water medicine. Drop by drop, these healing waters brought me home to my-self. Later, I connected on a deeper level with the elements and planet Earth, and was guided to share their healing power in energy work sessions called reconnect. It took me a decade of scanning the formless realms, transforming my personal field, and putting pieces together. I am deeply honored to be a vessel of these healing modalities and would love to connect with you in this expansive healing space. 

But Riverland Rose Alchemy isn’t really about me. It is a dance of the self and the eternal. Adventurous play. An experiment of letting the form dissolve into the formless, into infinite vastness, and see what wants to become again. A journey of courage and deepening surrender and being of service so luminous gifts can be created.

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Asia Suler - One Willow Apothecaries
Writer, teacher, and medicine maker 

“Thank you for the brilliance, sensitivity, and depth of your work in this world. You are an inspiration, and what flows through you is like the healing milk of the stars...A broth that so many of us are so deeply thirsty for.”

Lyn Milum - Energy Medicine for Life
Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

“After taking the healing water you crafted for me, I am feeling so much better in my back. A chiropractor told me that severe pain would be ongoing for me and probably become worse. But I have been taking the healing water with mindfulness, and as I take it, I relax into releasing stories that I’ve been carrying from my lineage, releasing for all of our sakes. I catch myself feeling surprised about how happy and comfortable my back feels! Thank you, Elise, for being connected, and sharing your wonderful and powerful gifts.”

Emma Liles
Co-creator of Heart Field Apothecary

“The essences you offer have been truly profound and transformative catalysts on my healing journey.  Each essence has touched me in a deeply personal way, and I have witnessed their powerful effect in others.  Thank you for the Light and teaching that you share so purely from your heart!”

Paxton Liles
Co-creator of Heart Field Apothecary

“The deliberate and loving intention behind the co-creation of these medicines is both apparent and profound.  I have had amazing experiences working with these essences, both immediately, and also over time as they have supported my shifting into deeper alignment and connection.  I feel deep gratitude and joy for your medicine sharing!”

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