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Links for further weaving your luminous web

Connect with these beautiful creators and widen your luminous web.


Guidance and tools for expanding consciousness and rewiring consensus reality:

Channeled inspiration and guidance:

Intuitive creations and intuitive plant/stone/spirit medicine:

Sisterhood and embodiment:

Vibrational and/or intuitive medicine:


Inspiring words:

Dutch Language

Photo credits

Most pictures were taken by Elise, but some were created by brilliant photographers who shared their images for free on Unsplash. I would like to thank @daiga_ellaby (photo mother and child - embrace water), @francesgunn (feet on the shore - merge with the land water), @willcornfield (woman and flora - merge with the land water), Michael Walk @walkthecreator (hand on moss - merge with the land water), Alex Perez @a2eorigins (water - individual spark), Ebenhard Grossgasteiger @eberhardgross (River Rein, Italy - custom healing water), @jernejgraj (woman drifting in water - custom healing water), Erik Dungan @callmeed (woman swimming - custom healing water), Jordan Whitfield @whitfieldjordan (man in water - custom healing water), @zoltantasi (moon eclipse 2019), @sethdoylee (woman in water - inner harmony session), @patrickhendry, for sharing their creations. Thank you many contributors for sharing your words and portrait. Thank you Bibi, for sharing your stills/photos.

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