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Full bloom healing water
  • Create - Wild - Free


    Pointers to the moving characteristics of this essence:

    swirl ~ blissfully connected to the web of life ~ express yourself freely ~ unblock creative expression  ~ joyous dance ~ adore life ~ open womb ~ open voice ~ free creatrejoice your uniqueness ~ waves ~ fertile vessel ~ wildflowers ~ intoxicating sensuality ~ open senses ~ overflowing ~ thriving ~ magic ~ celebrate diversity ~ manifest desires ~ sacredness ~ rebirth ~ surrender to ebb and flow.



    Come into full bloom. Step into the dazzling dance of life, with open heart and sacral center. Effortlessly move with the waxing and waning of creation. Swirl with wild water, dance under the moon, drink in living light, celebrate diversity and uniqueness. Adore your potent inner sacred feminine side. See how you contribute to the creative whole, and in all coming together, the most melodious song is sung. Nurture your unique offering, as it is a precious gift that gives life to a wider vision and is essential to the intricate and luminous web of life. 

    Full bloom healing water

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    • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart).


      This healing water has been made under the Sun in Taurus and a Full Moon in Scorpio on the isle of Ibiza, and under a Full Moon in Leo in the Dutch river landscape. 


      Ingredients bottled healing water:

      Essence of consciously programmed information (a.o. Ibiza spring wild flowers, daffodil, ylang-ylang, amber, yellow-orange calcite, flint), 60% spring water, 40% apple Calvados (40%).

    • Take one drop in a glass of water and drink before going to bed at night, a creative project, or take as your inner knowing guides you. 

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