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Belong - Root into place healing water
  • Merge - Belong - Root


    Pointers to the moving characteristics of this healing water:

    ~ expand awareness of place ~ merge with the consciousness of the land ~ connect with the elementals and beings of the land ~ dissolve separateness between you and the land ~ unify with the ecology, history, and rhythm of the land ~ receive local imprints ~ root into the soil ~ rejoice your belonging ~ remembering your fluidity and purpose ~ being of service to the earth ~ feeling loved and held by the earth ~ elemental balance ~ awaken your co-creative potential.


    This water contains the movement of merging your core with the land. Feel yourself dropping down into the earth, connected to all beings, blending with the soil, and rippling out into the entirety of the land. Deeply rooted, you will become One with the minerals, beings, ecology, and history of the place. This healing water is a valuable ally in land healing, or space clearing projects for the water clarifies both the harmonious and discordant aspects of the land, and will awaken you to your co-creative role.

    Belong - Root into place healing water

    € 14,41Price
    • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart).


      This healing water has been made in the summer, under a Sun in Cancer, and a Full Moon in Capricorn in the Dutch river landscape.


      Ingredients bottled healing water:
      Consciously programmed essence of root into place, 60% spring water, 40% apple Calvados (40%).

    • Take one drop in a glass of water and drink before going to sleep at night, or take as your inner knowing guides you. 

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