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Peace - Holy spirit healing water
  • Graciousness - Still - Radiant beauty


    Pointers to the moving characteristics of this healing water:
     reverence ~ powerful with grace ~ radiance ~ peacefulness ~ tranquillity ~ centered in stillness ~ seeding the light ~ trinity mother-father-golden child ~ beyond the edge ~ quietness ~ calm ~ golden light ~ back to center ~ embody unity consciousness & Christed love ~ holy spirit initiation ~ Shekinah.



    This healing water will soothe your body, mind, and emotions by moving you to a place of quiet reverence. Disengage from the noise and remember your divine nature. You are One with radiant beauty, fluid creation, and graceful power. Wake up to your Christed nature and anchor into inner peace. Initiate the holy spirit (deeper) into your body and radiate a beauty and grace that is beyond your imagination.

    Peace - Holy spirit healing water

    € 14,41Price
    • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart).


      This healing water has been made on a late autumn day and night under a full Moon in Gemini and updated on a new moon in Cancer in the Dutch river landscape.


      Ingredients bottled healing water:
      Essence of a raw diamond and consciously programmed essence of the Holy Spirit and Christed Light, 60% spring water, 40%  apple Calvados (40%).

    • Take one drop in a glass of water and drink before going to sleep at night, or take as your inner knowing guides you. 

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