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Individual spark healing water

Focus - Unique - Clarity


Pointers to the moving characteristics of this water:

imprint of your individual spark ~ unique reflection of creation ~ increasing coherency of self ~ stabilizes continuously shifting sense of self ~ reducing overwhelm or confusion ~ guiding light of self ~ healthier boundaries ~ increasing discernment ~ seniority in your space ~ sense of direction and purpose ~ increasing intuition ~ louder internal guidance system.


This water will be made for you personally at your request. It will contain the particles of a person (or any individual in physical form) in the most pristine coherency. Your unique essence without anything added onto it, like the drop of water that falls into the ocean, but not yet influenced by the ocean. Taking this custom water will remind you of yourself without the layers of the wounded ego, rational mind, or any collective patterning such as can be created by family lines or different forms of collective consciousness.


This personal essence can aid in remembering your unique untouched being. Especially for highly sensitives and empaths, it can help discern what is you and what isn’t. Personal boundaries and sense of direction will become more well-defined. All patterning that you have taken on can become more noticeable. With this guiding light of pure self, you can move through life with more certainty and seniority of your space.


It can be helpful to soothe children that absorb too much of their surroundings, including neurodivergent individuals. Also, people that have incoherent patterns of self (for example, in case of personality disorders, recovering from cerebral issues) can be reoriented to this coherent reference of self.


This healing water will be custom made for you. There are two extra options:

Option A: to the individual spark water, the movement of moving out other people’s energies (beliefs, non-permission) will be added. This will help you see and remember how to let go of what is not you.


Option B: to the individual spark water, the connection to and the awareness of the field of collective Christ consciousness will be added. This awareness can help you remember where you came from, that you belong and that you are not alone walking this earthly realm. It can shed light on your direction and can help you move forward with more confidence and certainty.

Individual spark healing water

€ 28,00Price
  • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart). This healing water will be made at your request.


    Ingredients bottled healing water:
    Custom programmed individual essence (individual spark and reflection of creation +/- options), 60% spring water, 40% apple Calvados (40%).

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