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All is well
  • Feel supported, capable, and determined with this healing water full of plant and stone allies that help you through tough and dark times.  Step into your fragmented and traumatic parts, while feeling safe and protected. The potent and stable healing light of this essence, lets you remember wholeness so strongly that it melts frozen parts and releases resistance to the most stubborn contractions, and undesired memories. 

    All is well

    € 14,41Price
    • Dropper bottle of 10 ml, 0.34 fl oz, or conscious transfer to your own water (select option in cart).

      This healing water has been made during the summer solstice, under the Sun in Cancer, and a full moon in Capricorn, and is optimized on a new moon in Cancer in the Dutch river landscape.

      Ingredients bottled healing water:
      Consciously programmed information (among others: plant spirit of Ornithogalum species (Ornithogalum umbellatum and O. pyramidale),  pink lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), Dutchman's Pipe (Monotropa hypopitys), common bugloss (Anchusa officinalis), Ethiopian black obsidian, opal, silver reflecting unity consciousness, cosmic mother support, holy spirit),  60% spring water, 40% apple Calvados (40%).

    • For chronic conditions: add one drop of the healing water to a (small) glass of water, and drink. Take before going to sleep at night, take in the morning, or take as often as your inner knowing guides you.

      For acute conditions: add one drop of the healing water to a bottle of water, and drink sips during the day. At the very least, drink a sip before going to sleep at night. Take as often and during as many days as your inner knowing guides you.

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