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hawthorn blossom Crataegus

Reconnect to nature's heartbeat

In that moment of challenge,

will you trust the course of life’s river?

will you rest in sweet surrender?



Allow your-self to grow into a mighty wave
Rise   Rise   Rise

Now, your way

Be there fully when you come crashing down

Fall   Fall   Fall

Now, your way



Expanding into infinite drops of water dancing across the vast ocean

Swirl   Swirl   Swirl


Be still and allow life to fill you up with grace



At the dawn of the new Now,

will you once again dive in and create ripples of beauty out into all that is?

will you re-awake into another wave of self?

will you hold your vision and birth the New?

Now, your way


Discover the healing magic of water! Effortlessly flow into your desired state of well-being using the harmonic resonance of our unique and potent water remedies. We have a wide range of (custom) vibrational essences that help you heal, expand, and come home to yourself. Feel supported and held in every situation by these healing waters.

River Lek waves in sunlight

woven words and classes

Read our blog about earth medicine, harmonious flow, cosmological patterning, awakening consciousness, and personal reflections.

Elise teaches the Dutch in-person course 'Als Water', a year-round healing journey through the cosmological pattern.

Reconnect to source and the elements. Unique energy work that also rewires the physical body. Let nature shift you in a profound way and reset yourself to a more centered and free-flowing state.

DSC05256 (3).JPG

Dive deep into your elemental blueprint. Learn about the cosmological pattern and how you flow within it. Discover what your natal chart illuminates about your free-flowing expression of Self and which natural energies pull you into balance and embodied wholeness. Understand where you are asked to evolve and build new pathways. Profound insights that help you navigate life with more ease and understanding.  

A white rose, rose flower essence, holy spirit

Emma Liles

Co-creator of Heart Field Apothecary

The essences you offer have been truly profound and transformative catalysts on my healing journey.  Each essence has touched me in a deeply personal way, and I have witnessed their powerful effect in others.  Thank you for the Light and teaching that you share so purely from your heart!


Asia Suler

One Willow Apothecary 
Writer, teacher, medicine maker

Thank you for the brilliance, sensitivity, and depth of your work in this world. You are an inspiration, and what flows through you is like the healing milk of the stars...A broth that so many of us are so deeply thirsty for.


Lyn Milum

Advanced Energy Medicien Practitioner

After taking the healing water you crafted for me, I am feeling so much better in my back. A chiropractor told me that severe pain would be ongoing for me and probably become worse. I catch myself feeling surprised about how happy and comfortable my back feels! Thank you, Elise, for being connected, and sharing your wonderful and powerful gifts.



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So happy you are joining our luminous circle!

Elise Koolmees ~ ~ The Netherlands, Culemborg 

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