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Astrological natal chart consultation

Every human being is a unique reflection of the loving force of life. You are an intricate light pattern amplified into physical form and expressed through a one-of-a-kind relationship of the four elements. There truly is no one like you! The moment of birth surged through your being and gifted you a special mix of air, earth, fire, and water. A natal chart illuminates so much about you. For example, it can show you how you were meant to shine, what your most nourishing type of self-care would be, and where you are asked to stretch beyond your comfort zone and build new pathways. 

In this in-depth natal chart consultation, I will take the time to share all about your unique elemental blueprint and where to find your balancing energies. I will share my insights about the path of evolutionary growth encompassed in your chart and where your life effortlessly wants to flow towards. Together, we can look for answers to any of your questions. If you prefer to learn about astrology basics, I can explain all about the three astrological layers (houses, planets, signs) and the birth chart layout. 

This online consultation will take about 1.5 - 2 hours and costs 148 euro. 

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Dutch description 

Astrologische geboortekaart consultatie

Tekst volgt, wordt aan gewerkt!


De sessie is online en duurt ongeveer anderhalf tot twee uur. De kosten hiervoor bedragen 148 euro.


What people say about the natal chart consultation:

"Big thank you Elise, for a great and transformational astrology session. Truly amazing and inspirational to experience your passion and in-depth understanding of the content. You shared my unique elemental building blocks in a very clear fashion and the insights it gave me were spot-on. Very impressive. Al my different puzzle pieces really came together in my blueprint which made me understand what my path is and where it wants to flow towards. It really gave me the comfort, support and confidence that I'm on the right personal journey." ~ Koen ter Mors
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