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Astrology natal chart consultation
  • You are a unique reflection of life, an intricate light pattern that densifies into an elemental form. The moment of your birth echoes through your body and forms you with a special mix of the elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Love. Your elemental blueprint can give you information about the colors you came into this life with. It will show you your natural talents, your comfort zone, and where you are asked to stretch beyond this comfort zone and build new pathways.


    In this in-depth natal chart consultation, I will illuminate the natural tendencies you were born with, and we will look together for your elemental balancing medicine.  I will take the time to explain about the three astrological layers (houses, signs, planets), the birth chart layout and your unique elemental building blocks. I will share my insights of your personal healing path and where your life wants to flow towards. This consultation will take about  2  hours . We can also look into your natal chart with specific questions. 

    The consultation can be online or in person at my home in Culemborg. 

    After booking, I will contact you for an appointment.  



    Astrology natal chart consultation

    € 148,00Price
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