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The stories we tell ourselves

One of the things we human beings seemingly have forgotten is that we have the capacity to create as we please. We are creative beings. You, my dear, traveled from the heart of the creator, stepping down, down, down to play in form. So here you are on earth; a divine being reflecting back to creating what creating is. Now really take this in. This is huge! You have the ability to demonstrate yourself as a reflection of divine creating.

So why don’t we effortlessly create as we please? Well, there is a myriad of reasons why we struggle with manifesting our desires and there are countless valid answers to this question, on different levels. But one very simple reason that I would like to point to here is that we doubt the very existence of our divine nature and are lost in the stories we tell ourselves.

Stepping into our earthly bodies, we are gifted through our DNA and collective agreements, an array of reference points of self. As we get older, we increase the number of selves and the stories we carry with us in our backpack. These selves can be roles we play: “I am a mother, teacher, plant lover, activist, spiritual seeker.” Or they can be specific traits we may or may not like: “I am creative, introverted, athletic, transgender, flexible, honest, clairvoyant.” We attach ‘our selves’ to age, body, disease, countries, ancestral lineages, friends, religion and all kinds of beliefs. We mix it all up and by the time we’re adults, we identify with an impressive cocktail of labels, that makes us believe ‘our selves’ are limited to a seemingly fixed story.

I am a female with three adorable children and a lovely husband that has the biggest heart, knows how to hold space and connect people. I am good at navigating trauma and dedicated to my path of ascension. But first, I have to heal the trauma of the lifetime where I was burnt as a witch/killed at war, learn how to set firm boundaries with my friends/family/work and hopefully release the chains from fear of abandonment that have held me and my ancestors captive for ages.

These stories of self are not a problem. They are the make-up by which we color our human experience and navigate the world of form. It’s a dress-up game for your entertainment while sending a report back to source: “Look at this marvelous creation!” We nurture the seeds of self that first fill a novella, but over time, may result in filling up a mighty library full of books. In the game of trying on different selves, we forget that these stories are not what we are at our core. People can identify so fully to the story, that if they would dissolve the narrative, well...that would be the end of them!

The most important thing that you can do when you feel burdened by your story, is to start recognizing which story you are telling yourself that makes you feel limited and contracted. Really, that is all there is to it! If you can be amused with an ill-fitted chapter in your book, you’ve broken the spell. You can engage with curiosity and ponder the thought: “Why on earth did I write this horrible story?” In that very instant, you’ve erased the chapter and created blank pages full of potential. It is also helpful to start noticing when you get very serious about something, because with that seriousness you’ve just added another paragraph with more evidence as to why your story is valid. If you can consistently smile at the dreadful chapters in your book (Chapter 2: Why I am not OK; Chapter 8: Me and my problems), you will end up with a book full of blank pages to be filled with new stories.

Holding this beautiful book in your hands, you will know that you are this book, not the stories printed in them. Your potential will be as vast as the universe. You will realize that you are free to erase chapters, add paragraphs and perfect your storyline. You will deep-dive into your divine nature and get excited about creating the story that is embedded deeply in the core of your being, waiting to be reflected back to creating.


Q’s to ask yourself:

How do I wish to recreate myself?

What new stories would I love to add to my book?

What do I get very serious about? Am I able to recognize the story and smile at it?

If source would pick up my book of self, what stories do I desire it to be full of?

Can I feel the divine presence in the core of my being that observes all the stories?

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