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Pivotal points of change

After leaving the Source of all existence, light compresses and compresses until a human form takes shape. This human being beautifully aligns with the natural earthly patterns. Like a tidal wave, the Self rises at birth, increases in shape and complexity, and detaches from form, after many perfect creations, to be absorbed back into One. From the moment we spark into an individualized expression of Source, till the moment we return home, many cycles of ebb and flow are lived. Every tidal wave, a human morphs into something new. From baby to child, from inhale to exhale, from apprentice to teacher, from holding on to letting go; wave after wave after wave. One human life takes so many shapes; it’s mind-boggling.

There are specific points along these waves that we can zoom in on. Moments where the Self was changed irreversibly. Experiences that were etched so deeply into the fabric of our lives that everything after carried a different tone. We started to sing another song. When listening to someone speaking about their life, these moments light up clearly. Ecstatic experiences, traumatic events, or moments where distant lives were woven together or family ties were severed. “When I met them,…” or “After the accident,...”.

Often, these pivotal moments are extraordinary in nature. Personally, it takes me a while before I have fully lived through all of an intense experience. Parts will be frozen in time-space for me to collect later when things have quietened down. I sit still, move my attention back to specific reference points, and unwind their electromagnetic charge, so life flows fluid again. Then, I feel calm, and like I have lived the experience more fully.

Moments, where people step over a threshold into a new reality are often accompanied by a lot of electromagnetic charges. We think (electric) and feel (magnetic) a lot when we encounter significant shifts. We protest, rub against, or hold onto parts of the event. More often than not, pivotal moments are too much to be fully present in. When they are ‘too much’ for us to handle, these electromagnetic charges remain somewhere in our bodies: too-muchness always stays frozen in your field. It’s possible to clear these charges consciously. But when they are stuck unconsciously, one day, when you are ready, life will give you the experience to empty you up. Don’t worry, you can count on that because life wants to flow freely and fluidly. Frozen parts are like boulders in a river; water will slowly erode them away.

When we zoom out to the patterns of humanity, we can identify pivotal points on a wider scope that color the human experience. On our path of becoming and letting go of our expression as a Homo sapiens, we inevitably step over certain thresholds. These moments are not what you generally hear people speak about at birthday parties or even at therapy sessions. There, we share our individual struggles and triumphs. The collective pivotal points are more elusive and often don't come up in our conversations. Nevertheless, they often impact our well-being and level of freedom in a prominent way.

I will name eight influential pivotal points here:

  1. Death (the moment of detachment from the body).

  2. The first cell (the moment before the first cell division).

  3. Stepping beyond duality (the moment one realizes that freedom can be found in the center).

  4. The creation of the individualized expression that steps into bodily form (separation from last collective consciousness).

  5. The original split from Source (the moment of separation).

  6. In utero, five weeks and four days (the moment of incarnation, the first pulsation of the heart, human separation).

  7. First breath after birth (the moment of physical separation).

  8. Awakening (the moment of waking up from a specific reality).

These moments hold wounds of separation on different levels. Although the individualized experience of life can be exciting, often, the wound of separation plays out in many human lives, over and over again. Also, consensus beliefs about these points can be obstacles for a free-flowing adventure. If we bring our attention consciously to these points, we can clear out a lot of density on a smaller (personal) and larger scale (collective). Diving into these moments can dissolve huge boulders in the river of your human life, as well in the lives of all your fellow beings to benefit from.


Q’s to ask yourself when you step into these points:

* What beliefs do I hold about this point?

* What do I sense at this point?

* Do I feel free or constricted at this point?

* What would it feel like if life flowed harmoniously at this point?

* Can I zoom out more, discern, and be with collective charges?

* Can I zoom in more, discern, and be with individual charges?

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