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Finding equilibrium

The Scorpio full moon had us deep-diving into emotional realms and was intense for many of us. During the full moon, our bodies were fully stretched by a Sun in Taurus on the inner planes and a more outwardly directed opposite Moon in Scorpio. Let's have a look at the energetics at play here.

Scorpio Moon energy takes us to the watery realm of intense and often dense emotions. It has a penetrative quality that lets the truth be known. Like it or not, you will be confronted by a mirror that pierces through the superficial layers and gives you access to the unconscious. It will carve away at the BS until only core truths remain. It corresponds to the height of fall, decomposing all that no longer serves.

Taurus Sun energy is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It is the slow and steady earthly force that builds the body, the gifts, the creations. It is like the height of spring when the plants absorb the sun's heat and start to grow. It focuses us on the simple sensory pleasures, the tangible layers, using common sense.

In a dualistic reality, the opposites seem apart and hard to unite. But that is only a mirage.

If you combine the two seemingly opposing energies, you will find a wholeness you can never find in the parts alone.

Dis-ease and mental-emotional problems always stem from pushing away one side of the spectrum. Energy needs to flow between the simple and the deep, spring and autumn. Clinging to spring will give too much growth and focus on the superficial. There is no space left with all this overgrowth, no building of deeper layers and meaning. On the other side, when Scorpio rejects or forgets its Taurus counterpart, it will sting its own head; it becomes stuck in a whirlwind of intense emotions, lost in layers upon layers of meaning, and fixated on opportunities for healing and transformation.

You have your unique point of balance between the deep and the simple. It is written in the blueprint of your individual reflection. When you find the equilibrium, you will be able to bring light to the darkest of places, and find transformation in the simplest of things. You will enjoy the physical realm of the senses and outer beauty ánd know precisely when to turn to deeper realms and shed dense layers.

In balance, the energy flows endlessly and freely between opposites.

A full moon always helps us see where we are along a particular axis. When forces pull in opposite directions, places where the energy gets stuck, will become more evident. In other words, a Scorpio full moon is the perfect time to balance between growing and letting go, between the beauty of the physical, sensory realm and the beauty of the hidden, symbolic realm of your emotions. If it doesn't continuously flow in a lemniscate pattern, pressure will build up somewhere. During a full Moon, you have ample opportunity to become conscious of where you cling to things or reject reality.

I have a lot of Scorpio energy (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Uranus stellium in Scorpio!). I tend to focus automatically on alchemizing deep wounds, finding opportunities to grow, and discovering underpinning patterns. I am not afraid of the deep end, but I can easily forget the simple beauty right in front of me. And that is where I need to focus consciously to feel calm and balanced: sensory input, natural beauty, and physical movement. I have a list of things that light me up (just in case I forget!). I love white-yellow-peach colored clouds at sunrise drifting slowly by, sitting in dunes and feeling a warm salty wind on my cheeks, the traveling sparks of a campfire, beeswax candles, anything roses, sticking my fingers in the fleece of a sheep, the sound of a natural stream of water. Just reading my list helps me find my unique equilibrium—bonus points for actually bringing them into my physical reality. I wonder what lights you up? Please, let me know. I would love to hear what fills you up. What keeps your inner well flowing?


Q's for self-inquiry

* Where on the axis of simple-deep/building-releasing is my equilibrium?

* Do I feel built-up pressure along this axis?

* Do I reject or resist one of the extremes?

* What simple pleasures light me up?

* Do I desire more deep-diving or less?

* What do I need to find balance? More deep-diving or less?

* Which three simple things can I bring into my life to enjoy? (And then pull them in!)

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