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Basics: formless ∞ form

From when I was a young child, I had a recurring (day)dream that scared me. It contained a strong movement that seemed to sweep all in its path back to a void. Then, the wave would move in the opposite direction, engulfing me and flowing into a dense and rigid space. Twenty-eight years passed until I realized that the dream taught me all about the harmonious flow between the divine heart and the realm of physical form: the heartbeat of life. It was only scary because I didn’t dare to flow with it fully.

Generally, as human beings, our attention is mostly on the reality of physical form. It is a beautiful thing to walk with your feet and calves in cold river water, feeling different grains of sand between your toes, wind caressing cheeks, your eyes relaxing while you take in the colors and shapes of earth, vegetation, and stones.

Where did all this form originate? What path has a leaf or grain of sand traveled? How does form appear and disappear? Let me explain the basics of creating in form as it wants to come through.

The center It starts in the center of all things. There you will find stillness, a no-thingness, but pregnant with never-ending possibilities. So, in a way, emptiness that is full to the brim. To reside there, you can move all your attention to the center of your heart or your every cell. Pull all of yourself in and be still in that one central point. There, you will wake up to the awareness of being aware (of being aware of being aware ∞); it’s an open, quiet, and blissful state.

Creative spark In that stillness, a spark of adventure is fired. It’s the energy of opening up to possibilities. I wonder what will happen if…? How would that work? I wish for….? A pondering, a curiosity, an intention. After the spark, particles of love move out of the center, and the journey of creating form has begun. Our attention that is often mostly on form, propels the creative process towards physical form.

Compressing light

If you move further into the direction of physical form, you will notice that the particles of love have become heavier and louder. On their journey, they hold more and more compressed light of a specific configuration. This light is also called space-time and increases the particles in electro-magnetic charge. The particles move into a wave-like-pattern.

Form At one point, the particles are moving so quickly in their pattern that we see it as solid and can call it physical form. Feelings and thoughts have density to them and can be considered form. You can move feelings and thoughts around; they are not fixed. Things in our physical reality are the densest things in All that is. Isn’t that amazing? You won’t find a realm that is denser than the one we are playing in! Transforming or deleting something in our physical environment seems very hard to do because form appears very rigid and locked into place. To move something physical around, you first have to loosen up the form. You can unlock form from its specific pattern by consciously shifting it into a slower/fluid state. From the center point of all (aware of being aware), you can step beyond space-time and move a form toward the center where it will dissolve.

Since I understand the natural flow oscillating between form and formless, I have used this movement to correct unharmonious creations and release frozen energies (limiting beliefs, illness, stuck energies in people, stones, land, and spaces). What first was a terrifying movement became a fundamental realization, which gifted me potent healing and harmonizing medicine.

If you want to experience more of what I write about here, I have put this medicine in a healing water called ‘Sanctuary of the pink diamond – heart of the God within’. It will help you become aware of the center point where you and the creator are One. A place of quietness, ease, beauty, and reverence, where fear, judgments, and polarized views are dissolved, and curiosity can again become the driver of your reality.

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