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At the threshold of a new age

Life has moved many of us right at the threshold of a new age. When I came home from our holiday in France last summer, I sat down to feel what was to come in the last bit of 2020. I was delighted to receive info about the depth of the shift we are about to step into and the beauty of the light that will move into our selves. Although we have been surfing the waves of shedding and significant shifting consciousness for quite some years now, this winter solstice, we will be able to step into something entirely new.

If you are weary of the patterns and pains that have surfaced, of the breathing through contractions, or the constantly shifting states, I offer these words to you:

You are moving towards the creation of something new. And as in all creation, there are phases of beginnings where we dream and are both excited and uneasy about the changes that are to come. Then the things pop up that are in front of our dreamt vision; the doubts and fears. With every step, contractions and release surface. In the midst of it all, we slowly get used to our bodies and lives’ changes—a rhythm of waxing and waning. However, during the final stages, the changes move deeper and at a quicker pace. At this point, creation seems all about letting go and moving into a place where only surrender and trust will give you a sense of peace.

2020 has been this year of quickening contractions and has been very disruptive for many people. You have been mostly looking at all the ‘not-ok’s’ bubbling up from the depths of your being (and society!) to pop like soap bubbles and vanish. This year, you have been moving out ancestral limiting beliefs. These come from trauma’s that have held lineages captive for over 50,000 years (and possibly even further back till the beginning of human history). A lot of them travel through the female line via mitochondrial DNA. These entail fundamental beliefs such as: ‘I will never succeed’, ‘It’s all my fault, and I have to make up for it’, It’s not safe to take up too much space’ or ‘I have to fight for it and prove myself to others’.

When old beliefs return in your life, please don’t forget that you are doing something remarkable. You are moving out ideas that originated at least 10,000 years ago! You have never been small and not ok (just in case you were wondering). These last days of 2020, life gives an extra push to release. The lunar eclipse on the 30th of November and a solar eclipse on the 14th of December help shake things up further and prep us for the winter solstice on the 21st of December.

At the winter solstice, a new light enters the earthly realm and into our bodies. On that day, Jupiter and Saturn are very close together, only 0.1 degrees apart, and both slip into the sign of Aquarius. The container of reality and teachings (Saturn) moves fluidly with the body of expansion (Jupiter). Aquarius is the sign that dispenses life’s wisdom and beliefs and is all about selfless service and building community. This year’s winter solstice marks the completion of a cycle of purging and moving into higher alignment. You have traveled along one fractal and will step into a new. The light I feel that will come in is extraordinary and will shift you into a more unified field. The light that was seeded ages ago in you will now sprout and will take shape.

Collectively, that date will mark the day that we as humanity shift from fear back towards love. At first, I did not believe this myself, but consistently this is the answer I receive. It takes around 8% of humanity deeply rooted in unity-consciousness to be able to move the mass towards it. The light that is absorbed during the solstice will shift you more deeply into unity and love. Enough so, to tip the scales!

Will the shift feel obviously different to the mass of humanity? No, it will not, but many people will start their process of becoming conscious of being unconscious.

Will the changes feel obvious to you? Paradoxically, Yes, and No. There will be a new quietness, an elevation of feeling rooted both on earth and in the higher realms simultaneously. However, the transformation is not very loud; it’s more like a soft murmur. If you tune in to this murmur, you will have an increased level of discernment and sophistication while your possibilities and ability to choose your reality rises significantly. Because you shift into something new, the rational mind, which belongs to the old paradigm, won’t be able to pick up on the hugeness of the shift. It will be like the explanation I like to ascribe to the Zen proverb, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Even though it looks like nothing has changed on the outside, in the inner realm, the depth of reality feels and looks completely different.

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